A Week of Discovering Social Media and Fighting With the DKC

This week was very challenging for me because I do not really use social media at all. I don’t have an Instagram, I don’t use my Twitter account, and I only use Youtube to watch other people’s content. For the most part, getting started was easy, but actually trying to implicate certain things on these digital platforms were complicated. For example, making a Soundcloud was super simple. However, when I tried to record my introduction, I could not simply record it on the site itself. This was definitely a hindrance because then I had to what audio files were accepted to upload onto the site. After I figured out how to introduce myself on all of the platforms, I thought that the hard part was over. Wrong! The next step, which was to embed it on my new website, proved to be just as difficult. For some platforms, it was really easy, but for others, in particular Flickr, this task seemed impossible. I really enjoyed looking smart while creating my website. #weeklysummary

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