This Month in Pop Culture History Poster

This week in Pop culture hitor

I wanted this poster to be messy and all over the place just like pop culture! Finding the right pictures was the difficult part. I wanted to find a wide range of images that would help people understand what I was going for with this radio show. I searched “Iconic Pop Culture Events” on google. From that search, I chose some of the most iconic events that have happened in the past two decades.

Another difficult part was making it all fit without using a collage tool. I felt as though a collage tool would make it look too uniformed and when I envisioned it in my head, it looked less put together. I went on CANVA and uploaded all of the pictures. Then I placed them on a blank poster one by one, fitting them where I thought they belonged. Lastly, I had to figure out how I wanted the text. I knew I wanted it to stand out a lot, kind of like the TMZ logo. I looked through their font texts and BAM, I found the messiest, brightest, pinkest font ever. I immediately put the name of the radio show and then I had to change the font size.



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