Sports Poster

I do not watch sports AT ALL so I do not have a favorite team. But I remember growing up and hearing about this team for the first time. I thought that Nuggets stood for chicken nuggets and would go around telling people that they were my favorite basketball team solely for that reason.

I found the picture on google after some searching because I wanted a poster that had more than one player in different positions to complete the design that I already had in my head. Then, I uploaded it to Canva as a poster. The hard part was the best part of the poster, the chicken nuggets!! I searched and searched for transparent pictures of chicken nuggets so that the nugget could be the player’s whole head. I obviously gave up and settled for the pictures I chose to use because none of the transparent pictures matched the design in my head.

I hope you all like my poster! DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments2571

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