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The material from this week was interesting because it merged my new way of digital thinking with another way of thinking. I have always thought of my generation as the one born between two ages of technology. We’ve watched movies on VHS tapes, rented them from blockbuster, and now we watch Netflix daily. However, like many people I thought Bandersnatch was revolutionary. I spent my winter break of my sophomore year redoing the episode over and over again because I could not wrap my mind around the fact that I was creating an episode of a Netflix show. However, after reading I Link Therefore I Am I realized that I have had this conversation before regarding the Oregon Trail video game and how that generation thought it was revolutionary. This is all interesting because how many times will we be on the verge of a new era of digital technology?

A few weeks ago I saw a Tiktok that highlighted that every story branches from the same seven storylines. I laughed at this and thought it was impossible. After watching Shapes of Stories on Youtube I understood the Tiktok a little more. However, it is hard to explain the shape of my story because life is full of positive and negative moments. I think this is why we enjoy entertainment so much such as television and movies because it is “realistic” in a way. The graph of my life would look like a python trying to find its way out of the jungle.


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