Personal Gag Real

This assignment was so fun! First, I went to Snapchat to find videos because I knew I had a lot there. Finding the videos was difficult because I had to decide what was appropriate for this assignment. Did the videos have to be randomly funny? Could the comedy be planned? New videos? Old videos? After finding a good amount of videos, I downloaded them to my phone. Then, I had to airdrop the videos to my laptop. Then the hard part started because how the heck do I combine these videos??? I did a quick google search and found a website. I uploaded one video and the entire site crashed. Then I went back to Google and found another site. This site allowed me to upload all of the videos. However, when I tried to export the completed project to my laptop, the site started to lag. This scared me so I went to because I am more familiar with it. However, when I pulled up, the other site started to work again. Lastly, I uploaded it to Youtube. I like the finished project, but I wish it would have a better flow.  VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments2504

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