On Broadway

This assignment was so fun because I got to listen to one of my favorite songs over and over again. This three-star assignment made me pick a song from a musical and put a bunch of performances together to make one song. First, I went to Youtube to find a few covers of the song and the original. Then I lined them all up based on the order I wanted them to play, as well as the timestamp where I wanted them to play. Then, I recorded them in 8 different clips. Afterward, I went to iMovie and lined all the clips in the audio section after uploading them to the platform.

I then tried to upload the file to SoundCloud, stupidly. I forgot that the media file type is not supported there. To fix this problem, I had to re-record the entire thing as one song. Now that I had an mp4 file I could upload it to SoundCloud. I tried to make the song flow as best as possible but in some places, it did not do that. MashupAssignments, MashupAssignments2124

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