Interview Yourself PowerPoint

A few weeks ago I interviewed my future self. This week I had the chance to remix this assignment. Instead of doing a video where I asked myself questions, I had to create THE WORST PRESENTATION ever with the same concept. I am great at being horrible so this was easy. First, I made a bad google presentation. Then, I went to Zoom and recorded myself giving the presentation. I hope you did not enjoy this video at all and you hated the fact that I did not edit it. I was going to film this in bed, other than that this presentation could not be worse.VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments2573


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  2. AJ Storm

    This presentation was terrible. I LOVED IT! I couldn’t help laughing at it throughout the entire video. It reminded me of the app “There Is No Game.” Something that is created for ironic humor. Well done. (I especially liked the “I forgot to stop recording” at the end. It tied the piece together.)

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