Hair Tye Commercial

I decided to make a commercial for one of my assignments this week. This assignment was worth five stars and rightfully so. First I had to figure out what I wanted to advertise. Then, after figuring that out I had to think about all of the technical stuff. I recorded six clips on a voice memo on my laptop and labeled them in order. Then, I recorded six videos on my phone that matched up with the audio. Afterward, I uploaded all of the audio to because I tried to use iMovie but none of my files were showing up. I layered all of the videos to ensure that the sound went along with it. I had to add a few pictures in there because I spoke fast, or did not speak enough in the previous clip. Then, I downloaded the video and uploaded it to Youtube.  VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments2471


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  2. Paul

    It’s too bad iMovie didn’t work for you because as good as this is, some test over the screen could have made it look like an actual commercial.

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