I think that this is a valid type of typography. As you can see in the picture, the restaurant has in big, bold font that they are excited for us to be there. Then, in a much smaller font, they tell us that we can only be there for about 90 minutes then we will have to leave. Like someone like me, one might just pay attention to the bigger words and smile because this money-hungry corporation is so excited for my presence. But then, due to the current pandemic, the excitement will last for about an hour and a half. I also think it’s interesting how in the smaller font, they highlight the dining room as the thing of importance, whereas in the big font it seems as if the customer is the object of importance.


Logos are awesome uses of symbols and the way Panera uses them is genius. Their logo is a lady holding a loaf of bread…It’s literally that simple. Not only does it sum up their business, but it also encapsulates the vibe of the fast-food chain. Very minimalistic and simple. Even the use of Earth colors follows the theme.


The use of the color yellow in the occupancy sign is symbolic because yellow usually represents something we are trying to draw attention to or give a warning about. For example, “wet floor” signs, traffic lights, and most road signs are yellow. I also took a picture of the pre-covid occupancy sign to show that they were not really alerting or warning anyone about how many people could be in a room because it was not dangerous at first. Now, with it being dangerous, they not only made a new sign, but they made it yellow.

These gorgeous balloons that I still have from my 21st birthday are a great example of unity. Together, they make a lot of sense since I took (was forced) about 100 pictures with them for my birthday. But separately, they would probably raise a lot of questions if I did the same thing. Is she turning 1? Is it the 1st year anniversary of something? However, one can guess that it was my 21st birthday when the balloons are together. Even if they are wrong it still makes more sense to them. Therefore, the unity of this design is needed.



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