Design Thoughts

Obviously, I knew that everything was designed but seeing that statement and reflecting it got me thinking. EVERYTHING was just a thought at one point and then somebody made created whatever they were thinking in their head. Design is so crazy that it is extremely “normalized” meaning we don’t think about it enough. We sit and do homework at Panera instead of McDonald’s because of the vibe that Panera gives off due to the minimalistic design of the entire restaurant. The design of the furniture, dishes, menu, etc. makes it seem more prestigious than it really is, creating a more welcoming environment. However, we don’t think about that. We don’t know why we love sitting in Panera and Starbucks all day, and not Mcdonalds or Burger King until we really look around and observe the ambiance. We do this with food too! I remember seeing a Doritos commercial where they were being very vague about naming the chip. However, they kept showing a bright red bag and a dark blue bag. They did not have to say the name, we all knew they were Doritos. This is because the design of the bag is distinct to those beautiful triangular-shaped chips. Even off-brand companies try to use that to their advantage because they know that people associate a particular design with Doritos.



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