Another Week of Seeing Myself on Video

This week I got to manipulate film and sound to make some cool videos. I did two assignments that were both worth five points, equaling a total of ten points. The first video is a commercial I tried to make for a hair tye. I wish I would have timed the audio and video a little more because I did not time it right. I had to add pictures in places where I was too ahead in the audio but behind in the video. When I did, they finally matched up! I think I did this assignment well for someone who has never done anything like that at all. I enjoyed making this video a lot!! The second assignment was less fun, more work, but I still enjoyed it. I had the task of recording my day from my point of view. This seemed feasible until I had to REMEMBER I had to record everything. That was definitely the most difficult part and actually delayed the project for a few days because I just could not remember to record. I also wish I knew how to make better transitions. See both of these projects below!

I also did three daily creates this week.

weekly summary

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