A Week of Taking Pictures and Hating Them

I HATE PHOTOGRAPHY. I hate taking pictures and most importantly I had when people take pictures of me, so this week was definitely a challenge. First, we had to do a photoblitz. Even though it was only twenty minutes, it took me almost an hour to find a list of things that I actually could do and I eventually gave up and just chose one to suffer through.

The visual assignments were not as treacherous, but that’s just because it was less horrendous than the photoblitz. I also like that we had the option of choosing the assignments ourselves. This allows us to share what we want to share in the median that we like. Unlike the photoblitz when it just gives us random things and three of them are not possible to do from my perspective.

Because I don’t take pictures the Becoming a Better Photographer challenge was definitely a struggle for me because they were asking for photos that I have already taken. I have taken like 10 pictures of things in my life and it was back in 2017 when I got my first iPhone. I tried to complete the challenge with the tiny amount of photographs I’ve taken in the past.

Lastly, the daily creates this week were fun as usual! They get more and more creative every day and I enjoyed doing them.


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