A Week of Starting a Radio Show and Conflict

This week was interesting….I was so excited to come up with an interesting radio show idea that fit me. However, the people who were assigned to my group did not think my idea was that interesting I guess.

I made the promo poster ahead of the meeting with my group so that everyone could see the vision I had for my radio program. Who knew getting four college students’ schedules to match up would be so hard?? After we finally all picked a time that all of us were free, someone STILL did not show up. However, we were still able to work out everyone’s roles. There was some conflict because we could not agree on what we wanted the radio show to look like. My vision was to have us look back on iconic pop culture moments from the past and look at them from a 2021 perspective. Some of my group members wanted to look at recent pop culture events and discuss them. Others wanted to focus on pop culture trends instead. After the meeting ended, we still did not come to an agreement. However, I know what I wanted to do when we were assigned to create a radio show so I am deciding to stick to my original vision.

This week I finished a promo poster, a radio bumper, and a commercial for my radio show.

I also made two daily creates this week. Check them out!


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