A Week of Seeing My Face on Video

This week we experimented with video. I definitely appreciated this week more than the week on photography. I did three video assignments that added up to ten stars. These assignments were difficult because I have absolutely no video editing skills. However, I learned that if I did everything correctly, then I did not need to edit. Finding websites that could help me do these assignments was also difficult since I was not familiar with any of them.

This week I was able to narrate one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies. First, I watched the scene with the audio on mute to see how I could narrate the events. Then, after realizing how cheezy it all looked, I knew how I wanted to narrate the scene. I looked up the movie on youtube, and then screen recorded it on my laptop. Then, I also recorded the voice-over on my phone. Afterward, I trimmed and edited it on my laptop. Lastly, I uploaded it to wevideo and stacked them. Even though it used to be one of my favorite scenes, muting it made me realize how stupid it was. videoessay.

I also did some daily creates this week.

weekly summary

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