A Week of Listening and Re-Doing

This week I got to listen to everyone’s radio show. We all did so well and I definitely enjoyed them! We got to reflect on a radio show of our choosing and give positive feedback.

I am always the worst at giving feedback because it does not take a lot to please me. Also, I am not an expert on anything so who am I to judge. Overall, I loved everyone’s and I have nothing negative to say.

This week we also got the chance to recreate some of our earlier work. I thought this was a great activity because we learn how to do so many new things every single week so why not apply that to things we did when we knew less. I took full advantage of this and recreated things that I did not originally like. This did give me trouble, but I think that it was worth it in the end.

This week we were tasked with creating a story with our daily creates. Mine is simple. A beautiful woman went to Toana to marry a King. However, it was springtime in Toana and she sneezed during her entire beachfront wedding. Check it out!


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