A Week of Listening and Learning

This week was definitely interesting because I loved it but I did not think that I was going to. The “making” part of this week was fun. I read over the assignments and felt like I was going to explode. However, I was very wrong.

A radio bumper?? I did not even know they had a word for that, but making one was amazing. I had no vision, nor any inspiration. But I knew that I hate how my voice sounds on a recording and that I had to cover it in some way. It took me about 10 frustrating takes to like the radio bumper. Not because I hated my voice, but because I kept mixing up the words. However, I really liked the end result. That was until I listened to some of you alls radio bumpers. Mine seemed a bit amateur. But I enjoyed the process and I hope you do too!!

Brainstorming radio ideas was also very fun. It was difficult at first because I initially tried to just think about what was not already taken. What does not already exist? Then, I tried to personalize it. What would I listen to on the radio? How can I take my story and make it into a radio show? After I asked myself the second set of questions, ideas started to slowly flow in. Honestly, it was not easy to come up with ideas, but I really liked the ideas I came up with. Implementation might be another obstacle though.

I always enjoy doing the assignments from the bank. This week was definitely better than last week. I chose to do things that connected to my story, but that was also enjoyable and a little challenging. I know that we did not have a star limit, but I tried to find something that made me scratch my head in confusion while doing the assignment. I really enjoyed doing the “Sound Effects Story”. It was fun finding the perfect sound, even though the website had hundreds of the same sound. As we learned this week, sound is powerful so I had to find the right beach sound that matched the image in my head or my story would not seem right to me. This was the same case with the “Collection of My Favorite Sounds.” It took me sooooo long to find the perfect money counting sound, but it’s one of my favorite sounds so it had to be perfect!

I also always love doing the daily creates every week. This week I was able to incorporate the color pink into one of them so that made me happy. Here is a thread of my daily creates for this week.

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