A Week of Creating Daily and “Deep” Reflection

This week’s activities were very fun. In particular, I really enjoyed doing the daily creates and waking up to a surprise activity every day. I also enjoyed seeing how other people responding to the task every day, and even getting inspiration from some of them. Canva was my best friend this week! The daily create allowed me to personalize each prompt, make it pretty, and tell a part of my story at the same time. Luckily, Twitter has an option to create a thread of one’s tweets, so I was able to keep all of the daily creates in one space to go back and reflect on and laugh at.

A thread of my daily creates for the week.

Another interesting thing about this week was choosing from the huge bank of assignments. Believe it or not, that was the hard part because so many of them sounded fun to do and they also seemed good for informing others about me. As I mentioned last week, I wanted to be prompted to share my story, and the assignment bank definitely helped with that. Not only did I have the opportunity to share what I wanted to share, but I also had fun while doing it, maybe too much fun. #WeeklySummary

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