A Week of Creating a Project About Me

I started off doing a jeopardy game with myself, about myself but that got really difficult. I was trying to be the host and all three characters but that did not work AT ALL. However, I made the jeopardy anyway so if you would like to check that out you can here.

At the last minute, I changed my entire project. I asked my friends and family to send me their favorite pictures of me from birth to the present! After they sent the pictures I created a video with audio (one of my favorite songs). Then I designed posters for the intro and outro of the video. I used design, video, audio, and visual for this project. I really liked how the video came out. I wish more people sent me pictures so it could have been a bit longer, but I like how it flowed with the song. I made the pictures stay up for longer to match it up with the song. Here is the final result!

weekly summary

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