A Week of Being a Graphic Designer

First of all, I LOVE DESIGNING NOW. This week made me realize how much I love making things pretty. Like, am I able to submit my own post for post of the week?? Just kidding! However, I like a lot of the stuff that I created this week, especially the assignments from the assignment bank. CANVA was definitely my best friend this week. Even though I have used the website before, I learned a few new things this week that enhanced my resume as a graphic designer.

The design assignments were all so fun it was hard to just choose four. I enjoyed doing all of these, especially the magazine cover. The only problem I had was trying to match the colors with the backgrounds, which is obviously an important part of designing something. I’ve made so many event flyers before, I knew making posters was not so different. I was right, it’s basically the same thing.

This week we were sent on a designblitz. Thankfull we did not have a time limit like with the photoblitz becuase it took me days to just understand the terms let alone find representations of them out in the real world. After I had a slight understanding of the terms, I began to look for these things every where I went. The most difficult thing was remembering to take a picture of it. Which most of the time I did not remember. However, while I set in one spot for hours, I looked at the stuff around me and tried to find as many examples as possible. I also noticed that some designs, matched two different categories. However, I bolded the term the design is supposed to represent in each post.

Below is my discussion post for this week. I really enjoyed reading the articles and watching the videos but they put me into an existential crisis. While writing my post, my mind was blown the entire time because I started to really think about how our whole lives are controlled by design, especially in current times where everything has to be aesthetically pleasing. We add chemicals to FOOD so that it can look a certain way so we can eat it. Is that not wild?

Below are my daily creates for the week. I had a lot of trouble making a gif because Twitter only allows for small-sized gifs to be uploaded. I had to re-create this stupid gif so many times I could not even tell you a number. Optimize gif! That’s the only advice that the website could offer me. What does that even mean?? However, I figured it out eventually, but my original gif was a lot better.

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