A Week of Remixing and Mashing

This week we got to remix some assignments from the assignment bank. I chose to remix two assignments that I have completed before as suggested. This was a lot of fun. The first assignment was an interview with myself. Instead of recording it, the remix said to make the assignment a very bad presentation. So I did just that! I had horrible graphics, weird fonts, bad editing, and horrible presentation skills. The second remix instructed me to do the opposite of whatever the original assignment wanted me to do. Since the original assignment instructed me to photoshop myself at a concert I wanted to attend, for the remix, I photoshopped myself at a concert that I would NEVER attend.

We also did something called mashups this week. I did two assignments, totaling eight points. For the first assignment, I had to mash up a song from my favorite musical. I chose a song from Hairspray and found a few live performances of the musical to mash together. The second assignment asked me to tell a story through text messages like on those creepy Snapchat ads. I only text like two people so this was not too difficult to figure out. I decided to really scare them.

I also did three daily creates this week.


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