A Week of Recording A Radio Show

This week we were able to record our radio show. This was fun because all of our hard work and ideas could finally come together into a masterpiece. In the beginning, my group members and I disagreed on the vision of the radio show, however, it all worked out! Not only, did we do great together, we also did an awesome job personalizing it and incorporating the course’s theme. However, like all group projects, there were members who did more work than others and it was difficult to work around everybody’s schedule.

If I were to do things differently I would try to record all of the radio segments together. We all did them separately, and then a group member put them together. The other way might make editing a lot easier, and allow for us to flow a lot better. Also, if we all used the same software, this might have helped as well.

I also did two daily creates this week.



  1. AJ Storm

    I love your intro. I can totally see a talk show covering all the pop scandals from years past. In fact, I’m kind of surprised that this wasn’t an actual show on TV or the radio that I was listening to. Overall, well done.

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